On Inclusion

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The topic of the day is inclusion.

How can we be sure we are building a community around our brand/product/software which we are certain is free of bias and accessible to all? How can we be sure that our conferences, evangelists, and recruiters don’t alienate one group at the expense of the comfort (or even safety) of another?

As the leader of a ( fledgling ) open source community, I dream of meet-ups and conferences. But does my super-hero inspired software project skew too male? Is the cursing in my commit messages going to turn people away? Maybe.

I am a forgetful person, who is often "neglectful" of empathy, and a person who will probably offend you without meaning too. I don’t have a global solution, and as white male from the suburbs of the USA, I am aware that I am playing the game on easy .

This is my official ask for you to let me know if I’m doing something wrong.

Please let me know if I am doing something to hurt or offend you. I am truly worried that I might be turning people away without realizing it.

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