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Over the past year, we have been working on creating an interview process for our engineering team with these 4 goals in mind: "Efficiency", "Focus on what the job will be like", "Test only relevant skills", and "Be inclusive". Airbus’ new UAM (Urban Air Mobility) division has given us an incredible amount of leeway to craft a process that best meets our needs and helps us to find the best talent available. We are trying not to fall into common software engineering interview traps, and have come up with a rather unique process we are excited to share.

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Until now, I’ve taken a very soft stance on “why” Actionhero might be better than any other server framework/tool for your project, as every project is different. Maybe all of your project’s goals really would be met using only Express, and all you need is a JSON-speaking REST API server. That said, every project I’ve worked on always needed… more.

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As a product and engineering team based in the US, we have been focused on building a product for international markets from day one. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to build, what Voom CEO Uma Subramanian, calls a “born-global” business. Here are are few of the principals we’ve adopted along the way.

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Sharing Typescript Types Across the Stack
February, 2020

for SeattleJS

Use Typescript to share types between your Frontend and Backend. Discover the shape of your data to avoid mistakes!

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How I learned to Stop Worrying and Let the Robot Publish to NPM
September, 2020

for CascadiaJS

As professional developers, we /probably/ don’t deploy code directly to production and we /usually/ test things first. There’s a whole world of tools and best practices like Git Flow, Continuous Integration, and Review Apps to help us build and deploy our apps and websites... but what about the developer tools we use every day? This talk will focus on how to parallel some of these same best-practices when making developer tools and frameworks. Together we will build a CI/CD pipeline for publishing to packages to NPM.

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Using Next.JS to build Static Dynamic Websites… and never pay for font-end hosting again!
September, 2019

for SeattleJS

This talk was inspired by a group of students learning to code in Seattle who were being taught tools like React and Angular, but struggling to learn how to deploy their sites using modern methods. Specifically, how to set up CI/CD (Continuous Integration + Continuous Deployment) and HTTPS.

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