I've given a number of technical talks, focusing on Node.js, Ruby, and DevOps.

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Using Next.JS to build Static Dynamic Websites… and never pay for font-end hosting again!
September, 2019

for SeattleJS

This talk was inspired by a group of students learning to code in Seattle who were being taught tools like React and Angular, but struggling to learn how to deploy their sites using modern methods. Specifically, how to set up CI/CD (Continuous Integration + Continuous Deployment) and HTTPS.

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* code

Background Tasks in Node.js: A survey with Redis.
May, 2016

for RedisConf

Node.js' Async programming model allows us to emulate many types of advanced systems. In this talk, we will use node and redis to recreate 7 different types of background job systems, from queues to kafka.

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* article

Node for ! (not) HTTP
Dec, 2015

for SF Node

Node.js is great for all sorts of projects. In this demo, we will use NOde.js to control the lights in our house via the DMX protocol.

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* code

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