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The Road to GA: Understanding Airbyte Connector Release Stages

airbyte engineering 

Airbyte Connector Release Stages

2023-01-19 - Originally posted at airbyte.com

Architecture Notes: 2022 CFT


How I solved the Architecture Notes 2022 Capture the Flag Puzzles


How to Build Software Products Faster by Thinking Like a Data Engineer

airbyte engineering 

Things I learned at Airbyte

2022-12-19 - Originally posted at airbyte.com

TypeScript Types from Class Properties

actionhero engineering grouparoo node.js typescript 

Use TypeScript to compute types from complex Objects

2022-01-06 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

Running a Node app on both IPv4 and IPv6

engineering grouparoo node.js 

Grouparoo can speak IPv4 and IPv6 - Here's how we did it.

2021-08-16 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

Heroku Slack Notifications

gitops grouparoo heroku voom 

Get a Slack notification when your Heroku App Deploys!


Bundle and Distribute Next.js Sites via NPM

engineering grouparoo next.js node.js 

Or, how to make your NPM packages 300mb smaller with this one strange trick!

2021-06-03 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

Don't Do Background Jobs on Google Cloud Run

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Google Cloud Run is a great platform as a service, but not for background jobs

2021-04-13 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

Don’t use Underscores in your HTTP Headers

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Don't use underscores in your HTTP headers... at least according to AWS and Nginx!

2021-03-17 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com