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Fullstack Typescript - Create an API

engineering grouparoo node.js react typescript 

Use Typescript to more tightly couple your React apps to your API

Fri Oct 16 2020

Sharing Code in Next.JS Apps with Plugins

engineering grouparoo next.js node.js react 

How does Grouparoo use Next.js to load pages and components from plugins to modify our web user interface?

Thu Jul 23 2020 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

Proxying free Heroku Dynos though Cloudflare to a custom domain

cloudflare devops heroku javascript react 

The Actionhero project runs a number of websites for the community — documentation, sample apps, etc. We often rely on Heroku’s free…

Mon Dec 30 2019

Markdown in React and Custom Page Elements

actionhero javascript react 

I recently moved the Actionhero tutorials from the Actionhero Docs site docs.actionherojs.com to the main Actionhero website…

Mon Dec 02 2019

CloudFlare and Server-Side React: Overzealous Optimization with Auto-Minify

javascript react 

I spent a few hours today sorting out why a new React + Next.JS site was working great locally, but when deployed to production I was…

Mon Aug 14 2017