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On Thursday 2015–02–05 I gave a talk as the awesome SFNode Meetup entitled "Background Jobs for NodeJS".

The talk gave an overview of some of the many ways you can preform background tasks in node, which include:

  • Foreground (in-line)
  • Parallel (threaded-ish)
  • Local Messages (fork-ish)
  • Remote Messages
  • Remote Queues (Resque-ish)
  • Event Bus (Kafka-ish)

For every section, we show an example, and more interestingly, note how node makes every step better/faster/stronger… even the bad ideas!

The idea for the talk came from a twitter conversation with Dan Shaw, host of NodeUP about how easy it was to have multiple node workers in Node-Resque… Check out the presentation to learn how!



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