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There often comes a time in an open-source project’s lifecycle when the original maintainer needs to move on. Today, that person is me, and the project is ElasticDump

Personally, I no longer use Elasticsearch in my day-to-day activities, and I’ve moved on from TaskRabbit, the wonderful company that sponsored this project in the first place. Since then, I’ve been maintaining this project passively for over a year, but now I find that I don’t have the time to give it the focus it requires.

I would hate to see a project used by so many people rot away without active support. We’ve got over 2,000 GitHub stars and over 20,000 downloads a month (source). I would love to see a member of the community step up and take over the stewardship of this project.

There are so many places Elasticdump can go in the future, and that direction is up to you! Here are a few ideas:

  • More import/export formats, like JSON, CSV, BSON, GZIP, and more!
  • Better integration with AWS (as many of the features added in the past year work with AWS authentication directly)
  • Better ‘resume’ features, to start where you left off should your dump become interrupted
  • Smarter parallelization
  • Better limit/search/offset tools
  • And… whatever you can think of!

I guess there are some bugs and compatibility issues to fix as well…

We’ve also got a fairly popular Docker image (with over 35K pulls; source), and distribution on a few linux package managers. I’m listing all of these to point out that if you are looking for a way to help make a difference in the Elasticsearch ecosystem, perhaps taking over stewardship of this project is for you!

If you are interested in helping to maintain this open-source ElasticSearch project, please add your name on the related GitHub issue.

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