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Hello Actoionhero Community!

I’m a little embarrassed to be asking, but I’ve been accepted to be a beta member of Github Sponsors . This is a new program where you can have a "sponsor" button on your projects and folks can donate to maintainers; like a Patreon for developers. I’m honored to have made the cut for this beta, and it’s largely because of Actionhero. I’ve been the primary maintainer for over 7 years now, the community manager, have been paying all the bills, etc. I’ve put in real time and money to the project. While it has been incredibly rewarding, it has also had a real cost. Would you consider sponsoring me to continue to work on it?

I’ve decided to structure my sponsorship tiers around support, which you can see here Basically, I’m trading my time for "priority support", in exchange for sponsorship. Nothing will change with regards to how I develop Actionhero, but if you or your company uses Actionhero or node-resque and you would like some help getting started, are curious about how to harden your production deployment, or would like custom plugins or servers, this is a great way to get it!

If you are on the fence about donating, now is the best time to do it. Github is matching sponsorships up to $5,000USD to help publicize the program. If I could make a living working on Actionhero, it would be a dream come true!

Thank you!

Vist to start the sponsorship process.

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