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After siting idle for over a year, Fiona (Fiona ODMC) and I have decided to reboot API-First.com.

We haven’t been checking it regularly, but the site seems to have been making an impact. Without any promotion, we were getting around 50 unique visitors a day. It also looks like we piqued the interest of some industry thought leaders. I’ll be blogging over at API-First.com from time to time, so head over and check it out!

For those of you who don’t know, API-First is a way of designer software and structuring teams around the idea that you should rally around an API. This helps your application scale to multiple devices and ensure your teams can work efficiently in a distributed way.

The main change to API-Frist.com site is that it is now OPEN SOURCE. We have removed the comments section in favor of pull requests. We swapped the format to a blog because we want to hear your stories of how developing in an API-First way has helped or hurt your teams (helped, I hope!).

Fork the repo and add your stories today!


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