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Repeat Rate: What are you Actually Measuring?

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Second-Order Measurements and your Product

Mon Dec 31 2018

Data Science vs Analytics

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Data Science vs Analytics are two related disciplines in most startups. I’ve also heard a number of ways to describe the distinctions…

Thu Nov 01 2018

Tips for Building International Products and Companies

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Voom is an Airbus subsidiary working to make booking a helicopter as easy as booking a car… while we build out the infrastructure for the…

Tue Oct 09 2018

Goodbye Scoreboard Guru

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Feb 1 Scoreboard Guru shuts down

Thu Jan 04 2018

Scoreboard Guru Initial Release

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I’m happy to announce the initial release of Scoreboard Guru!

Thu Mar 23 2017

On Ethical Ad-Supported Businesses

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Listen to this wonderful interview on KQED (NPR)’s "Forum" with Dr. Tim Wu On Advertising, Fake News and ‘Attention Harvesting’

Fri Dec 23 2016


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Today I want to announce the beta of a new website I built, switchboard.chat

Sat Jan 09 2016

When does API-First Not Apply?


When should you not use an API-First methodology?

Tue Mar 19 2013

API-First.com reboot


After siting idle for over a year, Fiona (Fiona ODMC) and I have decided to reboot API-First.com.

Sun Mar 10 2013