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Hi Google!

Google Forms is a great product. It allows just about anyone (academics, companies, government agencies) to create an online form to do research. It’s free, and it is great!

A common use case is capturing demographic data. When asking about gender, an inclusive best practice, according to the Human Rights Campaign is to provide the following options:

1What is your Gender Identity? 2 3* Male 4* Female 5* Non-binary / Third Gender 6* Prefer not to say 7* Prefer to self-describe: ____________

Note how the last option is a free-form text field. One of the important things keep in mind when asking a question about who you are is not to alienate anyone. Using the word "other" makes people feel… like others. With that in mind, check out how the following question (a radio selection with a free-text option) is displayed in a Google Form:

It would be great if Google Forms allowed the customization of the label on the final, free-text, entry field.


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