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TypeScript Types from Class Properties

actionhero engineering grouparoo node.js typescript 

Use TypeScript to compute types from complex Objects

2022-01-06 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

Running a Node app on both IPv4 and IPv6

engineering grouparoo node.js 

Grouparoo can speak IPv4 and IPv6 - Here's how we did it.

2021-08-16 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

Bundle and Distribute Next.js Sites via NPM

engineering grouparoo next.js node.js 

Or, how to make your NPM packages 300mb smaller with this one strange trick!

2021-06-03 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

SQL Dialect differences in Sequelize

engineering grouparoo node.js typescript 

Grouparoo works with both SQLite and Postgres databases. This post shares what we've learned about the differences.

2021-03-04 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

Defer Transaction Side-Effects in Node.js

engineering grouparoo node.js typescript 

Using AsyncHooks, you can collect side-effects within a database transaction and only run them if the transaction succeeds

2021-01-21 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

Fullstack Typescript - Create an API

engineering grouparoo node.js react typescript 

Use Typescript to more tightly couple your React apps to your API


Sharing Code in Next.JS Apps with Plugins

engineering grouparoo next.js node.js react 

How does Grouparoo use Next.js to load pages and components from plugins to modify our web user interface?

2020-07-23 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

Continuous Deployment for NPM Packages

grouparoo node.js typescript 

Grouparoo leverages the Node.js and NPM ecosystems to manage distribution to our customers. Our open-source software is distributed via the public via NPM

2020-05-07 - Originally posted at www.grouparoo.com

2020 Actionhero Developer Survey Results

actionhero code javascript node.js 

Thank you to everyone who took out 2020 developer survey — Here are the results. Also, the launch of Actionhero Office Hours!


Production Node Applications with Docker — 3 DevOps Tips for Shutting Down Properly

actionhero code devops docker heroku javascript kubernetes node.js resque 

Tips and tricks to shut down your docker applications properly. No more lost data!