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2020 Actionhero Developer Survey Results

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Thank you to everyone who took out 2020 developer survey — Here are the results. Also, the launch of Actionhero Office Hours!

Sun Mar 01 2020

Production Node Applications with Docker — 3 DevOps Tips for Shutting Down Properly

actionhero code devops docker heroku javascript kubernetes node.js resque 

Tips and tricks to shut down your docker applications properly. No more lost data!

Tue Feb 18 2020

Using Next.JS to build Static Dynamic Websites… and never pay for font-end hosting again!

javascript next.js node.js 

Use tools like Circle.Ci, Github, and Next.JS to host production-grade websites for free!

Fri Sep 13 2019

Controlling your Magic Painting with your words

javascript meural node.js 

Or, how to control your Meural Canvas with the API and connect it to all the things!

Tue Jan 08 2019

Testing javascript applications with Selenium, Async/Await, and Jest

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The last time I used Selenium, in 2015, I hated it. It was slow, brittle, and difficult to get working. These days, it can actually be fun!

Wed Mar 28 2018

Why Choose Actionhero

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or: Actionhero is the Node.js server for when your project grows up

Tue Feb 28 2017

Actionhero + Standard.js

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I don’t want to talk about ESLint ever again. I don’t ever want to talk about "code style" ever again. I want to write code, and I want the…

Wed Dec 14 2016

ActionHero v15.1.2: Security Release

actionhero javascript node.js 

Today we released the first-ever security release for ActionHero.

Fri Oct 28 2016

ActionHero and Node.JS v7

actionhero javascript node.js 

Does ActionHero work with with the newly released Node.js v7?

Wed Oct 26 2016

Too many Chrome Tabs = Node.JS Server Crash


Here’s a fun bug report:

Tue Oct 11 2016