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Don't be a Jerk - The Open Source License

legal open_source 

A few years back, I was disappointed that so many open source licenses were opaque and hard to understand. So in 2011 I created a satirical license.

Mon Apr 03 2017

ActionHero V15.0.0 and Release Cadence

actionhero javascript node.js open_source 

A quick note to say that ActionHero has reached version 15. You can read the full release notes here.

Sun Aug 07 2016

Actionhero Community - Now on Slack

actionhero open_source 

This week the Actionhero Community moved from Gitter to Slack

Mon May 16 2016

On Inclusion


The topic of the day is inclusion.

Mon Oct 14 2013

Travis-CI is raising money. Give them Money!


Travis CI is raising money to keep their free community continues integration server up and running. This is an awesome service which I use…

Tue Feb 07 2012