Forklift: Moving Big Databases Around in Ruby

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Moving Big Databases Around in Ruby

2016-04-22T22:45:50.164Z - Originally posted at

ActionHero v4.1.0

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A quick post to say that a new version of actionHero is out tonight: v4.1.0 This update contains some breaking changes to the Tasks and…


On Task Systems

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Why Task Systems?


When does API-First Not Apply?


When should you not use an API-First methodology?

2013-03-19 reboot


After siting idle for over a year, Fiona (Fiona ODMC) and I have decided to reboot


The Real Reason I Will Not Be Your Technical CoFounder

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I have been reading quite a few posts lately concerning the topic of becoming a ‘technical co-founder’ of a startup. Just search for the…

28 Feb 2013

Authentication with ActionHero

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!! This post is out of date! For an up-to-date version, click here


Makara — a read-write splitting adapter for Active Record

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A read-write splitting adapter for Active Record

2013-01-29 - Originally posted at

ActionHero v4.2.2

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This was a busy week for actionHero! We are now up to version 4.2.2. Note that this release again changed some of the internal API’s.