Ruby, Homebrew, and OSX Sierra Upgrades

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Say you are a developer and you recently updated to OSX Sierra…


Forklift: Moving Big Databases Around in Ruby

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Moving Big Databases Around in Ruby

2016-04-22T22:45:50.164Z - Originally posted at

Rebuilding Capistrano with Ansible

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Solid Ruby deployments with Ansbile

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active_record, MySQL, and emoji

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No more Emoji!

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Ruby and Mavericks

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Are you developing in Ruby and have just upgraded your OSX Machine to Mavericks (OSX 10.9)? Are you suddenly having trouble installing or…

28 Oct 2013

Makara — a read-write splitting adapter for Active Record

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A read-write splitting adapter for Active Record

2013-01-29 - Originally posted at

Jekyll, Markdown, and More

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Jekyll: Where have you been all my life?!


Delete old git branches already merged into master

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Keep your git branches clean!

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Unicorns in Node or When does the cluster module mater?

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At work the other day, an engineer most familiar with Ruby asked "What is the equivalent to Unicorn in Node?". Unicorn is a great…


Unicorns & Web Servers

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At ModCloth, our website uses the Ruby on Rails framework, and we use the unicorn web server. When deploying code via Capistrano, we have a…