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Unicorns in Node or When does the cluster module mater?

devops modcloth node.js ruby taskrabbit 

At work the other day, an engineer most familiar with Ruby asked "What is the equivalent to Unicorn in Node?". Unicorn is a great…

Wed Feb 01 2012

nodeChecker update: now with SSH and Sockets!

javascript modcloth node.js 

The nodeCheker project which I spoke about a few months ago got an update today. Now you can execute arbitrary SSH commands to other…

Mon Jan 30 2012

Unicorns & Web Servers

modcloth ruby 

At ModCloth, our website uses the Ruby on Rails framework, and we use the unicorn web server. When deploying code via Capistrano, we have a…

Fri Jan 27 2012

NodeChecker — Big Board Dashboarding

javascript modcloth node.js 

At ModCloth, our Ops team wanted to have a real time dashboard of important site information so they could know ASAP if something was wrong…

Sun Dec 11 2011

A reminder that the webKit console is also rendered (sometimes)

chrome javascript modcloth 

I love doing web development in Chrome and Safari, as they have excellent built-in develop tools. There is one catch that I need to keep…

Sat Dec 03 2011

Agile Business Intelligence @ Pivotal Labs

modcloth product_management 

A few months ago, Kate, Jenn, and I (all Modcloth co-workers) gave a talk at the world-famous pivotal labs about our unique "agile" way of…

Wed Nov 02 2011