Heroku Slack Notifications

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Get a Slack notification when your Heroku App Deploys!


Deploying to Flynn from Travis.CI

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In my previous post, I shared some tips on creating a production Flynn cluster. If you don’t know, Flynn is a an open-source self-hosted…


Productionizing Flynn and Hosting your Root Domain(s)

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Flynn is a an open-source self-hosted Heroku replacement… and it is great.


Ansible Tips and Tricks

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On Monday 2015–07–14 I gave a (remote) talk as the Pittsburgh Code & Supply Meetup entitled "TaskRabbit’s Ansible Tips & Tricks”.


Git Whereami

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I’ve been traveling a lot for work, and I thought it might be cool to somehow signal where I was physically when checking in code. I knew…


Rebuilding Capistrano with Ansible

ansible gitops ruby taskrabbit 

Solid Ruby deployments with Ansbile

12 Mar 2015 - Originally posted at tech.taskrabbit.com

Ansible Static Dynamic Inventory

ansible gitops taskrabbit 

Using Ansible with a Dynamic list of hosts

2015-03-12 - Originally posted at tech.taskrabbit.com

Production Deployment with node.js Clusters

gitops javascript node.js 

How do you deploy a node.js app reliably?

10 Sep 2012