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Nerf Guns and Product Management

Wed Feb 15 2012

nodeSpider updated: Now based on ActionHero

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A quick update about the nodeSpider project (my first public node.js project!): It is now based on ActionHero.

Mon Feb 13 2012

Travis-CI is raising money. Give them Money!

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Travis CI is raising money to keep their free community continues integration server up and running. This is an awesome service which I use…

Tue Feb 07 2012

Unicorns in Node or When does the cluster module mater?

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At work the other day, an engineer most familiar with Ruby asked "What is the equivalent to Unicorn in Node?". Unicorn is a great…

Wed Feb 01 2012

nodeChecker update: now with SSH and Sockets!

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The nodeCheker project which I spoke about a few months ago got an update today. Now you can execute arbitrary SSH commands to other…

Mon Jan 30 2012

Unicorns & Web Servers

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At ModCloth, our website uses the Ruby on Rails framework, and we use the unicorn web server. When deploying code via Capistrano, we have a…

Fri Jan 27 2012

node.js running on a Phidgets SBC2 board!

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After almost 15 hours or compile-try-fail-repeat, I’ve figured out the formula for compiling nodeJS on a Phidget SBC2 board!

Mon Jan 16 2012

Running node on a Phidget Board


My last post was about creating a generic npm package to talk to a phidget board. This post is about compiling nodeJS to run on a phidget board

Sat Jan 14 2012

On NodeJS and Phidgets

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For those of you who don’t know what Phidgets are, they are small robotic prototyping boards which can handle (binary) input and output…

Sat Jan 14 2012



David Padilla of Crowd Interactive recently realized he was on this recruiting site called GitHire. They use algorithms to inspect your…

Sat Jan 14 2012