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It has been so long


I’ve been pretty bad at posting lately, but that’s not to say that I haven’t been busy!

Fri Apr 22 2016

npm and generators

javascript node.js 

Today I learned that npm (the node.js package manager) has support for arbitrary commands and chained commands. I guess I always knew this…

Sun Aug 12 2012

actionHero V3: Return of the Hero

actionhero javascript node.js 

That’s Right, the rumors were true: ActionHero is now @ V3!

Thu Aug 02 2012

I am a nerd


I received some stickers at work today from Joyent and, like I have been doing for the past many years, I stuck them to the back of my…

Tue Jul 31 2012

Electric Imp


Where have I been for the past month? Well, I’ve been heads-down helping to launch the internet of things. Now that we have launched, I can…

Tue May 22 2012

PhoneGap and Push Notifications


Mobile Apps with JS

Wed Apr 11 2012

ActionHero: Actions vs Tasks

actionhero javascript node.js 

I recently got a note from an actionHero user asking about the difference between tasks and actions within the framework. Here’s a bit of a…

Wed Apr 11 2012

cURL your way into the Google Analytics API


Whenever I am about to start integrating with a new API, I like to walk though the steps with cURL. For those of you who have been living

Wed Apr 04 2012

Deploying node.js applications with Capistrano

gitops javascript node.js 

I really like Capistrano.

Wed Apr 04 2012

Testing actionHero with blitz.io

actionhero javascript node.js 

I recently had a chance to try out blitz.io (or click my affiliate link thing and get me some free tests), a new load-testing tool from…

Fri Mar 30 2012