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Data Science vs Analytics

analytics data science product_management 

Data Science vs Analytics are two related disciplines in most startups. I’ve also heard a number of ways to describe the distinctions…

Thu Nov 01 2018

Tips for Building International Products and Companies

product_management voom 

Voom is an Airbus subsidiary working to make booking a helicopter as easy as booking a car… while we build out the infrastructure for the…

Tue Oct 09 2018

Testing javascript applications with Selenium, Async/Await, and Jest

javascript node.js 

The last time I used Selenium, in 2015, I hated it. It was slow, brittle, and difficult to get working. These days, it can actually be fun!

Wed Mar 28 2018

Goodbye Scoreboard Guru

games product_management 

Feb 1 Scoreboard Guru shuts down

Thu Jan 04 2018

ActionHero V18: Async/Await

actionhero javascript typescript 

Today we’ve released ActionHero v18.0.0!

Sat Oct 07 2017

CloudFlare and Server-Side React: Overzealous Optimization with Auto-Minify

javascript react 

I spent a few hours today sorting out why a new React + Next.JS site was working great locally, but when deployed to production I was…

Mon Aug 14 2017

Looking for a new ElasticDump Maintainer. It could be you!

elasticsearch javascript 

There often comes a time in an open-source project’s lifecycle when the original maintainer needs to move on. Today, that person is me, and…

Fri Jun 09 2017

Don't be a Jerk - The Open Source License

legal open_source 

A few years back, I was disappointed that so many open source licenses were opaque and hard to understand. So in 2011 I created a satirical license.

Mon Apr 03 2017

Scoreboard Guru Initial Release

games product_management 

I’m happy to announce the initial release of Scoreboard Guru!

Thu Mar 23 2017