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Actionhero for Real-time Games — The Illustrated Actionhero Community Q&A

actionhero javascript node.js typescript 

Introducing to the Actionhero Illustrated Community Q&A!


Using Next.JS to build Static Dynamic Websites… and never pay for font-end hosting again!

javascript next.js node.js 

Use tools like Circle.Ci, Github, and Next.JS to host production-grade websites for free!


Keep that VPN Connected (MacOS)

osx vpn 

I recently found myself traveling regularly, and I wanted to ensure that no matter when I opened my laptop, that my connection would be…


The Voom Software Engineering Interview Process

engineering hiring voom 

Building an inclusive and efficient interview process for a pair-programming team


Controlling your Magic Painting with your words

javascript meural node.js 

Or, how to control your Meural Canvas with the API and connect it to all the things!


Repeat Rate: What are you Actually Measuring?

marketing product_management voom 

Second-Order Measurements and your Product


Data Science vs Analytics

analytics data_science product_management 

Data Science vs Analytics are two related disciplines in most startups. I’ve also heard a number of ways to describe the distinctions…


Tips for Building International Products and Companies

product_management voom 

Voom is an Airbus subsidiary working to make booking a helicopter as easy as booking a car… while we build out the infrastructure for the…


Testing javascript applications with Selenium, Async/Await, and Jest

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The last time I used Selenium, in 2015, I hated it. It was slow, brittle, and difficult to get working. These days, it can actually be fun!