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Announcing ActionHero.js

actionhero javascript node.js 

I am working on a nodeJS framework! It’s out in beta RIGHT NOW. I would love some feedback.

Fri Dec 23 2011

NodeChecker — Big Board Dashboarding

javascript modcloth node.js 

At ModCloth, our Ops team wanted to have a real time dashboard of important site information so they could know ASAP if something was wrong…

Sun Dec 11 2011

A reminder that the webKit console is also rendered (sometimes)

chrome javascript modcloth 

I love doing web development in Chrome and Safari, as they have excellent built-in develop tools. There is one catch that I need to keep…

Sat Dec 03 2011

Agile Business Intelligence @ Pivotal Labs

modcloth product_management 

A few months ago, Kate, Jenn, and I (all Modcloth co-workers) gave a talk at the world-famous pivotal labs about our unique "agile" way of…

Wed Nov 02 2011

A Blog!?

meta writing 

Yep, I made a blog.

Wed Nov 02 2011