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ActionHero++ (now at level 2!)

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actionHero is growing up so fast!

23 May 2012

cURL your way into the Google Analytics API


Whenever I am about to start integrating with a new API, I like to walk though the steps with cURL. For those of you who have been living


Testing actionHero with blitz.io

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I recently had a chance to try out blitz.io (or click my affiliate link thing and get me some free tests), a new load-testing tool from…

30 Mar 2012

Hacked! (or: A reminder about why unix permissions matter)


Note: I have included links to some of the malicious PHP code which attacked me in this blog post. I had a hard time deciding whether this…


San Francisco from a Yinzer’s Point of View


I have a hard time answering the question "where are you from?". I’ve lived in over 15 different homes in 8 cities. I was born in New…

17 Feb 2012

Small update to npm phidgets package


After all the hoopla about node.js and Nerf guns yesterday I revisited the phidgets package and fixed a few bugs. Most importantly there…

16 Feb 2012

Pivotal Tracker, Phidgets, and Nerf Guns

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Nerf Guns and Product Management

15 Feb 2012

nodeSpider updated: Now based on ActionHero

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A quick update about the nodeSpider project (my first public node.js project!): It is now based on ActionHero.