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ElasticDump - The Node.js CLI tool for importing and exporting Elaticsearch data

Friday, Apr 22, 2016 - Originally posted at tech.taskrabbit.com

Node for Not HTTP

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On Thursday 2014–12–04 I gave a talk as the SF Node.js Club entitled "Node for Not HTTP".

Sunday, Dec 7, 2014


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Keep track of your uptime with Statuspage.io and Node.js

Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014 - Originally posted at tech.taskrabbit.com

ElasticSearch in Production

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Fast and Stable Elasticsearch

Friday, Jul 18, 2014 - Originally posted at tech.taskrabbit.com

ActionHero v9.0.0 release candidate

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V9.0.0 of ActionHero went live on 2014–06–24

Friday, Jun 6, 2014

active_record, MySQL, and emoji

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No more Emoji!

Thursday, Apr 24, 2014 - Originally posted at tech.taskrabbit.com

ActionHero and NewRelic

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There is now a plugin for ActionHero + New Relic if you ar using actionhero version 10 or later.

Monday, Mar 10, 2014

Airbrake and ActionHero

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If you are using ActionHero version 10x or higher, you can now use the plugin:

Thursday, Feb 13, 2014

On ActionHero Routing

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I’ve been seeing questions about how actionHero’s routes interact with the actions. Here’s a bit more of an explanation (which I’ll keep to…

Saturday, Jan 4, 2014

ActionHero 7.x.x

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A quick post to say that I’m very happy about where ActionHero is going.

Wednesday, Dec 4, 2013